The Problem of The Problem (AKA The Duckbunny)

34 minutes

On this week's episode of The Freenoter, Tom and Tamsen dissect the problem of...the problem. As speakers, we hope to solve a problem for our audience--but often, their version of the problem and our version of the problem are different! This episode will teach you to reframe, adapt, and deliver true value.

Show notes:
Tamsen's post on reframing the problem:

The "duckbunny":

Jay Baer's speaking website:

Convince and Convert:

Jay's great Hug Your Haters keynote:

A history of the Sazerac:

Our Sazerac:

Pour 1 tsp simple syrup into a glass. Add 4 dashes of Peychaud's bitters and 2 dashes of Angostura bitters. Add 2 oz. rye (we used Templeton). Fill glass with ice and stir a few times.

In another (cold) glass, add a teaspoon of absinthe (you could substitute Pernod here--we used Kübler Verte Suisse, which could take the chrome off a bumper.) Swirl to coat the inside of the glass completely; dump out the remaining liquid.

Strain the cocktail from glass one into glass two. Add a lemon twist. Enjoy responsibly--this one's potent!

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Start listening to Getting The Gigs, Part Two (AKA The Anchovy Show)