The Audience (AKA The Thing That Keeps You From Crazy Talking To Yourself)

40 minutes
In this week's episode of The Freenoter, we examine one of the most important aspects of freenoting: the audience, and how much you should tailor your talk to each event. We also spotlight a speaker who always customizes for her audience, and we ring in the holidays with the most festive of beverages, the Champagne Cocktail. Note: The Freenoter is taking a holiday break! Look for our next episode on January 7th. Show Notes: A Flock of Seagulls - "I Ran" West Side Story: GANG FIGHT! AndyBoy produce: Sally Hogshead: Sally's How to Fascinate assessment: Tamsen's assessment: The Gogos, "Vacation" The Champagne Cocktail: Place a brown/demerara sugar cube in a champagne flute. Soak cube in Angostura bitters. Fill flute with champagne/prosecco. Garnish with a citrus twist. For an extra kick, add an ounce of cognac. Speak with affected Upper East Side accent. Flare pinky out while holding glass. Look down on those consuming "punch" around you. Pretend you read Noam Chomsky. Leave party early.

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