Listener Grab Bag (AKA WHAT Narrative Arc???)

53 minutes
On this week's episode of The Freenoter--it's a LISTENER FIESTAVAL. A grab bag of excellent questions about staying in touch with the audience, selling without sounding like a jerk, and even where Tamsen and Tom disagree! Plus we look at how Drew Davis stays engaged with his audiences after the event, and we reveal our take on the classic gin martini--with a literal and figurative twist. SHOW NOTES Our friend Chris Farias, who did our logo and branding! Have questions for us to answer on the show? Email Douglas Karr's digital marketing company: Tamsen's lead magnet: text TAMSEN to 66866 (you won't be automatically signed up!) Alan Stein's book, Raise Your Game Kingman Ink - sketchnoting: We love handouts. That is all. Our Twitter handles: @tamadear and @webby201 Tamsen's lead service: Kindra Hall: Drew Davis: Neen James: The Webster Martini: 3 oz. Plymouth Gin A capful of St. Germain STIR (do not shake) over ice for 30 seconds. Strain into a martini glass and serve with a twist.

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